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Agent Assistance

A scalable knowledge management platform that reduces handle time and ensures consistency across support channels. Lower support volume. Boost agent efficiency. Improve customer satisfaction.

Make it easy for agents to find answers

Give agents the answers they need right at their fingertips. The quicker your agents can locate the answers they need, the sooner they can resolve a customer’s issue. The MindTouch knowledge management platform makes it easy for your agents to quickly find answers, regardless of the channel, for chat, phone, and email—whenever and wherever they need.

Make it easy for agents to find answers

Keyword search that actually works
When agents type in search terms they’ll get relevant results they can use to help customers.

Click navigation that reduces effort
Agents can drill down to the content they need in one or two clicks, without having to switch windows.

Integrate answers right into your CRM

Our pre-packaged integrations infuse your existing CRM with knowledge and customer insights, eliminating the need for time-intensive application switching. Learn more about our integrations below.

Integrate answers right into your CRM

MindTouch for Salesforce
A seamless knowledge base experience inside of Service Cloud.
Learn more about the integration >

MindTouch for SAP
Fast and easy access to knowledge within SAP Service Cloud.
Learn more about the integration >

MindTouch is KCS v6 Verified

Turn agents into authors

The most useful knowledge comes right from the source. Give your agents the ability to create new content based on their customer interactions. It’s an easy and efficient way to capture knowledge from the front lines and use it to help other agents handle similar issues in the future.

Learn more about our KCS training program >

Deliver proactive support with customer insights

Your customers expect quick answers, speedy resolutions, and they never ever want to repeat themselves. Help customer support agents deliver on this promise with the customer data they need before an interaction begins, right inside the CRM experience.

Deliver proactive support with customer insights

Customer insights including previous interaction info, content viewing history, and search terms used so agents know exactly who they’re talking to.

Suggested responses based on real-time customer data help agents identify the problem sooner and provide a solution faster.

Monitor contact center performance with actionable data

Get the detailed reporting and insights you need to monitor agent and content performance and improve contact center efficiency.

Monitor contact center performance with actionable data

See how and when your agents use content and identify content that is resolving customer issues.

Identify missing, incomplete, or inaccurate content and see which agents are creating and updating content.

MindTouch featuring Electrolux

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